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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The View from here!

Just got back from the annual Louisiana Sports Writers Association Convention in Lafayette.  It was my 15th.  I won a third place award for a story I wrote last summer about a mom who coached her son's summer baseball team -- and they went undefeated. It was the story nobody read, as it came out the Sunday of Katrina. Everyone had evacuated.  And I finished second in the Prep Writer of the Year category. Pretty proud of that.

But I am most proud of the fact that this wonderful, fabulous group of guys I adore elected me their recording secretary. No, it's not just one of those figure-head positions, either -- like songleader of the 4-H back in the fourth grade. I'm now in the official officer rotation and, in a few years, I should be elected president of the organization. That means something. To me, anyway.

Oh. And Lora Leigh won an award.  She got to keep Matilda the kangaroo for life.

Oh joy.

In other news, there is a big red rectangle in my back yard. Sometime next week it should be turned into a mud hole. Sometime after that I hope it is turned into a Caribbean blue, glittering oasis....


Oh. And if my backyard isn't a total and complete war zone in October, between the pool and the Jane and Pappy cottage to-be-built back there, I have decided that we will be having a Halloween Booooo-fet. Costumes NOT optional -- so start thinking clever.