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Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Lora Day!

April 15, 2002. Finalization Day.
I tell my husband, he is the luckiest man in the world.

I might have had 10 if I could have.  If it would have been easier. If I would have been a normal woman, who was able to have children the normal way. 

But I wasn't.  I couldn't. So having a baby was hard. It was expensive. It was painful. And frustrating. It took six years of my life. And more tears than I care to count.

So that's why today is such a special day to our family. This is the day it was all said and all done.  A man with a gavel -- and a pen -- said, "Yes. You may have this child to raise. To love. To spoil rotten. Forever." On this date nine years ago.

So we declared that day -- and this -- to be Lora Day. And after we cut the cake and read our messages to that precocious 18-month old child and planted the pink magnolia in our yard, we promised that we would celebrate this day, every year. So we would never forget how blessed we were -- ARE.

She gets to choose now. Dinner out? Dinner in? Just family or family and a few friends? (This year it's pizza in and a cake). Because this is the day that changed all of our lives forever. And we never want to forget it.

And all the pain, all the tears, all the waiting was so worth it in the end.

Happy Lora Day! Hug your children. Appreciate them, and the ease with which you were able to have them. And say a little prayer for all the moms whose arms are still empty, who are still waiting for their miracle. And hope their day comes soon.


  1. Hope you all enjoyed the day. Pizza and cake... that would be my choice, too :)

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  3. Happy, happy day. May you continue to experience this deep and profound joy. Peace to all.