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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Lora Day

It was six years ago today ....

In a courthouse in Hahnville, Judge Emile St. Pierre declared that this gorgeous, beautiful, funny, precious gift from God -- and from her mother -- would be ours forever.  We signed papers, we took pictures, we laughed and we cried.  Then we came home and celebrated as a family.

There is a young sapling in my backyard, a Japanese Magnolia that just turned from pink to green. That day our family planted it in its spot, surrounded it and offered up our prayers of thanks that this child managed to find her way to us.

Instead of gifts, I asked everyone to write on a piece of paper a wish or a message for Lora to read someday. We read them all and put them in a box.  Someday Lora can sit under her tree and read them. I hope then she realizes just how loved and wanted she was on that day and this one.

So, take a moment to celebrate Lora Day! Love your children and remember how lucky you are to have them ...