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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

School Daze

I will never again force my child to wear a skirt to school.

I will make sure that she packs a sweater, even on the hot days.

I understand now the importance of bedtimes and breakfast and I promise to do a better job at both.

And if she decides she wants to start bringing her lunch to school, I won't try to talk her out of it.

These are the lessons I learned in one half of one day as a second grader.

It was "Take Your Parent to School Day" at our little school on Monday. And, being the ever-so-involved parent that I think I am, I went. Every parent should be required to do this. Every school should offer it. It was a true eye-opener.

Of course, I had to get up earlier than I usually do to get dressed to be there, which was very difficult to do. And, of course, that messed up my own morning routine. I did manage to gulp down a breakfast drink -- and I thank God I did.

I arrived at school at 9 a.m. and was ushered into a welcome meeting. They did have fruit and bagels and coffee. I passed -- and later wished I had not, especially on the coffee. By 10:30 I was ready for nap time. So were most of the students.

And we all were hungry. But lunch wasn't until 12:20.... And in between I sat on the floor, got up from the floor, listened to stories, did math problems, learned about less than and greater than, played Around the World and Magic Number, read books, glued in a math journal...

OK. My daughter did.

And I learned that...

She shouldn't have to wear a dress or a skirt if she is going to be sitting on the floor.

She does need to bring a sweater because, although the room was warm at first, it did get colder as the morning progressed.

It is a loooonnnngggg time until lunch. And that lunch was NOT worth waiting for. As soon as I left, I went in search of some REAL food.

And if you don't go to bed on time, you are really tired the next day.

I deserve detention.

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  1. Wow! Wish I could make all of my parents come to College, it would be good for them as well...