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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm waiting for my banana trees to grow back from last winter's freeze.

I'm waiting for my pool to reach optimum swim temperature.

I'm waiting to see how much money I will clear after changing my deductions on my W4.

I'm waiting to go to Home Depot to buy flowers for my backyard.

I'm waiting for the weekend.

I'm waiting for lunch.

I'm waiting for June, when I'll have lots of time off!

I'm waiting for the last day of school.

I'm waiting to see if I've lost any weight.

I'm waiting for the guy to come fix the lights on my pool.

I'm waiting for tonight's episode of Glee.

I'm waiting to find out who gets booted from Dancing with the Stars.

I am always waiting for my husband.

I'm waiting for a message from the professional who is reading my book. Waiting to see if she likes it, if she thinks it has potential, if she can find me an agent.

Right now, that's the hard one.

I should be good at waiting. I have lots of practice.

I waited six years to become a mom.
I waited 72 times to see if I was pregnant that month.
I waited in six different doctor's waiting rooms, hoping each one would have THE answer.
I waited six months for a baby to be born to another woman. Then, when she left, I waited two more months for the right one.
I waited three days to take my baby home.
I waited five days for her mother to make sure she was sure.
I waited 18 months for a judge to say she was mine.

I should be good at this by now.

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