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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Warrior thank you

Feeling a little sad on this beautiful spring day as I headed home from work. Today is the first day I should have been covering baseball -- instead of a child molester.

So I was pretty excited to see the big box sitting on my dining room table when I got home.

The big heavy box.

And perplexed. I haven't ordered anything. OK I did, but it's a dress and not a heavy dress.

So I grabbed a knife and started cutting into the box with no return address.

The well-taped box.

Finally I got inside. To the packing peanuts. And the air bubble wrap.

To a pink gift bag. With a blue card that read, "Many Thanks from all the Houma Warriors."

And my heart leaped. It was from the mud people, my Warrior Dash refugees! The group of adventurers who got stuck in the mud and nearly blown away by a tornado while running in a wacky road race near my house.
(See Lolo to the Rescue).

My very clever Warrior Dash refugees.

Inside the bag were two brand new clean towels...because they used every single clean towel in my house.

...and a bag of Tide stain remover pouches...because every one of them was covered head-to-toe in mud.

...and a bag of Cajun pretzels...because they devoured my entire batch.(

...and a bag of Cajun crackers...because somebody said they made Cajun pretzels too, but with crackers.

...and a bottle of vodka,

... and a bottle of Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix...because it's my favorite and I offered them all Bloody Marys (Hey, we all needed a drink!)

... and a movie gift card...because Lora Leigh and I were going to go to the movies that afternoon.

And my day was absolutely made.

Anytime, my friends. Anytime.

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