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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Now and forever

I got to do something pretty special last week.

The local War Veterans Home held a wedding vow renewal ceremony for several of its residents.  They sent me to cover it for the newspaper.

I cried the whole time.

The activities director had gone all out with a tulle covered wedding arch, silk bouquets and boutonnierres. Two precious little flower girls.  And there was a handsome young Air National Guardsman to escort the brides over a little pile of silk rose petals.

I stood in the corner wiping my tears as these lovely ladies made their way to their men and saw that age had done nothing to diminish the sparkle in their eyes. One couple had been married 65 years.

I tried to imagine me and The Coach in our golden years. Will we be forced from our home, forced to live in an assisted living center? Will one of us have to take care of the other? Will we be separated? It saddened me just to think of it. I want us together. On a beach somewhere.

After the ceremony, there was cake and punch and oldies music. And I cried the whole time.

Then I wrote a pretty nice little story. Don't miss the video. You'll cry too.

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