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Friday, July 8, 2011

Works of art

First she was a singer with a beautiful voice.  She made her stage debut at age 5, wowing our church fair crowd and making her mommy cry like a baby.  One of the carny kids even asked for her autograph as she came off the stage.

She's gonna be a star!

Then she became a writer, amazing her mother and her teachers with her incredible vocabulary and imagination.  I still say she is a better writer -- at age 10 -- than I am now. She can write fiction.  I never could.

But recently, she has become a budding little artist drawing these amazing little people -- some of them with horns ("They're trolls!" she says). I can't seem to buy her enough sketch pads, which she instantly fills with these trolls and other imaginary creatures.

Actually, she always has been a bit of an artist. Even as a tiny tot she showed a great affinity for depicting the world around her as she saw it.

Mom as a mermaid. She was 4

But lately, she has discovered the Paint program on the computer. She spent a whole weekend perfecting her mouse skills to draw little people like these...

I'm amazed.

Then she tells me that one of her friends has a tablet, a computer gadget that will let her draw with a virtual pen.  I do some research and find a little starter model for $40 and order it. I even pay the extra for one-day shipping. It arrived last Saturday.

Now she is drawing this:

And she is trying to create a new logo for my blog:

I just can't wait to see what she does next.

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