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Friday, January 20, 2012


It's my last week as the mom of a 10-year old.

That is sobering.

Although, you'd never know it...  She already looks 13.

The child has outgrown me. Seriously.

Granted, I'm only 5-foot-2, but I never dreamed my child would hover over me at the age of 10! I see the mothers of her friends who can still pick up their "little" girls and I get a little jealous. I can only pick up mine in the pool. With a bribe.

So tomorrow is her big birthday party for 11. "Cupcakes and Canvasses." An arty party. Tonight we'll make the cupcakes together (if I can get her off her laptop) and tomorrow we'll paint with her friends and cousins. I hope it goes well.

I posted this little slideshow last year in honor of her 10th birthday. I go a little wistful looking at it this morning.

So here it is again.... There will be a new one on Sunday.....

Birthday Candles

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  1. She is already taller than you at 10!! I'm a mere 5 feet, there is no hope for me!