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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, Page one

If you read the blog post Touched, about the woman who lost her hands and her feet to septic shock and was planning her wedding, I thank you. And, as of today,  you can read the print version of the story here.  It's on Page One of today's Times-Picayune.

And do not miss the wonderful photo gallery by photographer Brett Duke.  His photos truly tell the story.

I have to admit, I was like a kid on Christmas Eve last night, waiting to see it, hoping I wouldn't get bumped off of page one by the arrest of Nicholas Cage and a plane crash in Lakeview.

Not just for me. For them.

This is one I will remember. And this is one that makes me glad I still do what I do. I just don't get to do it enough.

Postscript: Click here to see the story The Today Show aired on Tory and Merlyna. 

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