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Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's time

After a long talk -- well, listen -- with the vet, we have decided that it is time. Time to let Lollee Sue go and be with Pappy.  And Parker. And God.

Tomorrow. When I can be there to see her through to the end and then bring her home to my little rose garden in the front where we put Laycee, and Lucy, and Lyon, and Shelley, the kids' cocker spaniel.

We still don't know exactly what happened. She still can't walk.  Perhaps it was the rabies shot. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that she had her first seizure on the day she got it. Maybe it's meningitis. Now they're thinking tumor. Somewhere. But we can't afford to find it.

And what if we do?

I am sad. I love this dog so much. I love the how smart she is. I love how gentle she is. I love that she sings for her bones. And that she says Lolo.

But I know I did everything I could within my means. I don't want her to suffer.

But I will.

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