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Friday, May 4, 2012

Lollee Sue

Lollee Sue, 2002-2012

Lollee Sue Lyons-Luquet, the Best Standard Poodle in the World, went gently and quietly to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, May 4, 2012 at 9:50 a.m. She was almost 10 years old.

Born  June 24, 2002 in Metairie, Louisiana,  Lollee was the daughter of Ali Bali and Breheney's Sam. She was adopted by the Lyons-Luquet family on August 17, 2002, as a gift from Sam's family, Tom and Sue Brahney, who were sad that the Luquets had to put down both of their dogs in the same week. They offered the Luquets the "pick of the litter."

And she certainly was.

Lollee spent her life guarding the living room sofa, cuddling on mom's feet, begging for bread (her favorite treat), enjoying the occasional Skittle, and licking the ice cream bowls when mom and dad were done. She loved long walks, lying in the sun, chasing the stupid squirrels in the back yard, and the cat, and looking out the living room window.

 Her job was to scoop up whatever crumbs fell under the table and whatever the party people left behind, to eat the bread crusts on mom's sandwiches, and whatever Lora Leigh could not (or did not want to) finish. And to wait for the bus.

A natural born singer, Lollee often sang for her treats  but not always on command (much to mom's dismay). She could say mom's nickname, "Lolo" and occasionally tell you what was on top of the house ("Roof").  But she only danced when anyone touched her hot pink leash or when mom put on her sneakers, as that meant she was going for a walk to the park. Or so she thought.

 Lollee's sweet temperament and calm nature made her a perfect candidate to become a member of the New Orleans Visiting Pet Program, and she breezed through the training. For two years, Lollee and Lori made monthly visits to area nursing homes and hospitals to bring a little love and a few smiles to those who were ailing.  Her patience was endless and she would enjoy being pet and loved and fussed over for as long as anyone wanted to. Lollee was a regular at the Waldon Center in Kenner, where she thrilled the residents  with her hot pink toenails.

Lollee leaves to mourn her loss a grieving family, an adopted brother Leigheaux (the world's dumbest standard poodle), a couple of squirrels, and a host of friends and family members who loved her and will miss her dearly. We will miss her songs, miss her smiles and miss her love.

She will be cremated and her ashes interred in mom's rose garden in the front yard. Or, she might just hang out with Pappy on the bookshelf for a while.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to a special dog!

  2. A special and sweet remembrance of your dog. Love the photos!

  3. Awww I'm so sorry for your loss

  4. What a beautiful post.
    I am very sorry for your loss.