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Friday, February 4, 2011

Harry Potter Palooza

She is obsessed a little bit, this child of mine.

And I'm very proud.

She currently is on the fourth book of the series and has become quite the expert on everything Harry Potter.

When she finishes this book, we can watch the movie together. I hope I don't forget all of my Hogwarts knowledge in the meantime.

And during our recent trip to Orlando, we spent a small fortune on a little side trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Parking $15, Entrance fee $150, Wand $30, t-shirt $20, Cloak $99 + tax, not to mention the frozen Butterbeer, bag of Bertie Botts beans and a chocolate frog.

Believe it or not, it was well worth the visit --even though she didn't make the ride (please remove any artificial limbs.)

So she decided her 10th birthday party simply HAD to be a Harry Potter epic.


I think it was. I'm usually pretty good at this stuff, finding and making props. Should have been a party planner. Party City was NO help. But I had a good assistant!

After being the laughingstock of the neighborhood for three weeks, we finally look the icicle lights off of the house and hung them in the dining room. We were trying to make it look like the Great Hall.

My husband asked if we could leave them up.

Then there were Harry Potter glasses and lightning bolt tattoos for everyone, light-up wands and small Magic 8-Balls. We served Dragon Snot punch (green sherbet and Sprite) and Butterbeer (bottles of Cream Soda with labels I downloaded off of the Internet).

And she downloaded the theme song.

Yes. It was epic.

Click the bucket to view photos...

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